Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A wedding for 2 Million$

Don't know if i am gonna believe this BUT I Guess every rumor has it own truth inside.

Our dear Prime minister son got married yesterday in the Kenyan capital city Nairobi City.
and the cream of the Somali government was there. everyone who is somebody was there.

i think the right word i am looking for is, it was the place to be on that day.

Mohamed Ali geedi and his lovely wife Faiso Abdi salad got married in the beautiful 5 star hotel in Nairobi city. It must have been a wonderful wedding. we are waiting (me and mother) for the pictures that will be l sold to the major big newspaper in Mogadishu.

It's not fair that we only see war and terrible things. we wish to also hear and read about big wedding that cost around 2 mil American$ it must have some wedding there.
yes the reports say that the wedding cost was TWO MILLION AMERICAN DOLLER
And of course this is food to the ICU who is using this info in every corner.

Oh i cant even imagine how the food looked like.
When funny thing was that, while they were reporting about the wedding, they also mention that the hotel is owned by a Jewish person. I find that very funny, how did they know? why do they care,

was it a way to make the PM look bad ? Many questions to be asked...and need to be answered.

So next time the PM son's our daughter is getting married, i don't mind being there :)
and that is with a pleasure being there with all the important people there.

So Hambalyo Hambalyo Aroos Wacan iyo Guur Wacan
(Congratulation congratulation Happy wedding and happy marriage)


abgaaloow said...

we dont care if the hotel is ownened by jew,muslim wht ever.
thx for ur hardwork vivo xamarcadeey

Kerda said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

Everybody who was a US puppet was there, you mean. So theres where all the money that is needed to help Somalia is used, on pitty weddings that unnecessarily dont need to cost more than a couple of thousand dollars.
You are pathetic, you live in Mogadishu yet you dont know the sitaution in Somalia and are as much a slave as any other governmental people of modern time Somalia.