Friday, August 17, 2007

Have a good shabat.

I wanted to wish everyone have a good shabat.
I am doing very well. we just have some bombs in a milk factory. why they attack i dont know.

That is a question that you can only ask those who attack. The good thing is that no one got hurt.
so it is a positive news. I must admit that milk factory made good milk. the milk was so clean, and very tasteful. so i am mad at them. i find it very strange why they would attack a place that produce a good milk.

So now we have to buy milk direct from the market. which is little bit not so good. i mean the milk is fresh, but it does not taste so good as the milk from the factory, and you cant have the fresh milk for more then a day. it will get old.

So it is very upsetting to know that the factory is gone. Hopefully they will be back in business soon. Until next time people. please do take care all of you.

Shabat shalom.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the meaning of
"Mugadishu"? (don't forget the word is a Somali word who have a great meaning for them( Somalis)
Others ( non Somalis) try to chang the name...
You are only mentioning a milk factory -- how is the people who is been killed because they are Somalis.

Thanks Rami

adamhman said...

Hey Avraham, I'm glad that it is back up. I'm reading it again.

Are you on Facebook? Do people in Somalia use it? Do you friends use it?

Av said...

i dont know what facebook is.
first time i hear it now.

Av said...

To Anonymous.

Mogadishu,moqadishu,xamar cadeey,xamar,Liido!

does it really matter if i spell it right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter how you spell if you dont know the meaning the word or the name. You have to be Somali, not to be from Somalia to know the meaning of Mugdisho. Hamar was the name that the Arabs tried to gave it but never worked for them. Names as the sky never changes.

Thaumiel said...

Shalom, Avraham!

Please tell us when the milk factory gets back on its feet and starts producing again!

abgaaloow said...

vivo xamar somalia.
i really miss it