Wednesday, August 22, 2007

fly away

Fly away is a option
but i know how it is
Even if i try, i wont fly away
Because i know the feeling

It is so easy to fly away
But why don't you do it
It is so easy to escape
but why don't you try it

I will someday,
Because i have wings of iron
And the wind is close to me
I will fly Away


Friday, August 17, 2007

Have a good shabat.

I wanted to wish everyone have a good shabat.
I am doing very well. we just have some bombs in a milk factory. why they attack i dont know.

That is a question that you can only ask those who attack. The good thing is that no one got hurt.
so it is a positive news. I must admit that milk factory made good milk. the milk was so clean, and very tasteful. so i am mad at them. i find it very strange why they would attack a place that produce a good milk.

So now we have to buy milk direct from the market. which is little bit not so good. i mean the milk is fresh, but it does not taste so good as the milk from the factory, and you cant have the fresh milk for more then a day. it will get old.

So it is very upsetting to know that the factory is gone. Hopefully they will be back in business soon. Until next time people. please do take care all of you.

Shabat shalom.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A wedding for 2 Million$

Don't know if i am gonna believe this BUT I Guess every rumor has it own truth inside.

Our dear Prime minister son got married yesterday in the Kenyan capital city Nairobi City.
and the cream of the Somali government was there. everyone who is somebody was there.

i think the right word i am looking for is, it was the place to be on that day.

Mohamed Ali geedi and his lovely wife Faiso Abdi salad got married in the beautiful 5 star hotel in Nairobi city. It must have been a wonderful wedding. we are waiting (me and mother) for the pictures that will be l sold to the major big newspaper in Mogadishu.

It's not fair that we only see war and terrible things. we wish to also hear and read about big wedding that cost around 2 mil American$ it must have some wedding there.
yes the reports say that the wedding cost was TWO MILLION AMERICAN DOLLER
And of course this is food to the ICU who is using this info in every corner.

Oh i cant even imagine how the food looked like.
When funny thing was that, while they were reporting about the wedding, they also mention that the hotel is owned by a Jewish person. I find that very funny, how did they know? why do they care,

was it a way to make the PM look bad ? Many questions to be asked...and need to be answered.

So next time the PM son's our daughter is getting married, i don't mind being there :)
and that is with a pleasure being there with all the important people there.

So Hambalyo Hambalyo Aroos Wacan iyo Guur Wacan
(Congratulation congratulation Happy wedding and happy marriage)

Lula Jeylaani

I wanted to share with you guys with a favorite song of mine.
The singer name i lul (Luula) jeylaani...


Eye for eye, Blood for Blood.

Last Saturday two Somalis journalist were assassinated by unknown people. so they say, but we all know who those murders are. but no one can do a thing, because they are to powerful men.
both of the men who were killed are from the Eayr clan- belong to hawiye. eayr is also supported by the ICU. Most of the members in ICU do belong to earyr clan.
Ali iman Sharmarke was his name, one of the man who got killed, he own one of the biggest radio station in mogadishu city called Hornafrik. The first private owned radio station in Mogadishu.

Witch is a little bit anti-government. but they also have good shows, i am huge fan of their late afternoons shows, which include music. The other man who also got killed is a journalist, but he worked for Capitol voice fm. another radio station. the Main question is why did die?

And the answer is on wednesday night 4 man from the clan of abgaal got killed by unknown people. may i remind you that the prime minister is from the abgaal clan. so it look like a revenge. as i said eye for eye and blood for blood.

It is normal to revenge a relatives death in Mogadishu, and specially if you are from a power clan then it is a must. even if you are direct related to the person who died and you don't want to revenge his death, then another person who is member of your clan will revenge.

It is hard to explain how it really work for person who never lived it.

One good thing is that they arrested two men who were behind the this terrible act.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I did major changes in my blog today. it will be a fresh start for me and for the blog.

My blog is special to me. and i need to tender it well :) After a while you will get used to the blog.
i do hope the changes are good. I choose a happy color. and i will uppdate it daily. it is not like i have anything else today !!

Until next time. take care all