Friday, February 1, 2008

Shabat Shalom

Oh its has been a while again, i seriously need to get active again on the blogging scene. I think i will get more active now, because i sure do miss writing and sharing my thoughs with you guys. It's like talking to the hole world. And its a amazing feeling to say what you have on your minds.

Well things are ok in mogadishu, Well not so good as i want it to be, I think its safe to say, but i went to djibouti for for couple of days, it was the best time of my life. i really liked that country, all though it was exremly hot, but i survived, the beach was amazing good as well, i want to dive, but i didn't dare to do so, Because i am not a good swimmer, so i decided it was for the best not to dive. but i did snorkel, on the beach,

I must say again, djibouti do have a wonder beach and coral reef. that is so beautiful.

Well there is noting new in Mogadishu, beside that the government have relocated to mogadishu now, from baydhabo, veyr positive news! And the daily attacks still continue, but its not as bad as it was few months ago,

We are still waiting for peace, Someday it will come, all though somedays, i just want to pack, get out of here...But after 10 min, i regret my choice !

Talk soon, And i want to wish you all a shabat shalom

around 50 min left to shabat, i have to buy some fruits,

Bye all